If there is one word Ireland it would be: breathtaking.

The stunning cliffside views, green rolling hills, and strong waves and winds from the passing Ireland storms. The Dingle Peninsula created the most jaw dropping backdrop for this elopement shoot. Even just the drive through the Peninsula makes you feel like you're in another world. A brick-lined path that leads down closer to the shore makes you feel like your walking an ancient path to a secret lair along with a view of the pyramid shaped rock formations coming out of the ocean. With the crashing waves and gorgeous sunset I couldn't help but take a minute to put my camera down and absorb the scenery around me.

Ireland isn't a common elopement location but as adventures elopements grow in popularity it is definitely a location that should be considered when planning any nuptial because it is a location that is hard to forget!



Rented from: Wander With Foxes & Loven The Thread