Priscilla + Brett

On a beautiful, sunny spring day at the end of April , Priscilla and Brett exchanged vows and became husband and wife in a simple yet elegant courthouse wedding. On the morning of their wedding day, Priscilla and Brett arrived at the courthouse dressed in their finest attire. Priscilla wore a beautiful, maxi dress with delicate blue flower details, while Brett looked handsome in classic navy suit pants and light blue button down. They were accompanied by Priscilla's parents, who had flown in to witness their special day.

The ceremony took place on the steps of the courthouse and itself was short and sweet, with the clerk leading the couple through their vows and pronouncing them husband and wife. Priscilla and Brett exchanged rings, kissed, and walked hand in hand along the brick courthouse path, beaming with joy and happiness.

I remember chatting with Priscilla about how my biggest piece of advice to anyone getting married is to make their day true to them. To not follow the traditional 10 hour wedding days just because thats what we have always seen. And I gotta say they did just that. They made it true to them.